Did you know that transportation ranks among the top five expenses on the profit and loss statement?

Businesses continually encounter challenges in gathering the necessary information for informed decision-making. Finance teams depend heavily on transportation departments for crucial data, yet these departments often lack the funding and support required to deliver this essential information.

Jill Clifford, President of FreightPlus, and Jacob B. Hawkins, Director of Business Development Operations, will address the challenges encountered by both finance and transportation departments. They will share practical strategies and tools to overcome these obstacles, aiming to strengthen the relationship between these crucial functions.

Join the discussion on Tuesday, June 25, 2024 at 1:00pm EST to gain in-depth insights into how a deeper market understanding and the right tools can empower both departments to excel, ultimately benefiting the entire organization.

Don’t miss this opportunity to acquire valuable knowledge and practical solutions for enhancing collaboration and driving profitability.

Your Hosts

Jill Clifford

President | FreightPlus

Jacob Hawkins

Director of Business Development Operations | FreightPlus

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