FreightPlus is not a broker. We are the managed transportation provider for our clients. We have long-term contracts with our customers to move their freight for the next 3 to 5 years. We are deemed responsible for all the transportation needs of those customers.

We are not out and bidding on freight, it is exclusively contracted to us long term. While we partner with our customers, we also partner with carriers long term. We use these strategic partnerships to ensure quality communication and quality service.

How we support you

Partnering with FreightPlus:

  • Contract Freight no matter your fleet size​
  • Quality Communication​
  • Quick Pay​
  • Standard Pay within 30 days​
  • Appointment setting
  • Day to Day point of contact​

Our Technology Integration:

  • P44​
  • FreightFriend​
  • Transportation Management System (TMS)​
  • RMIS​
  • TriumphPay​
  • EDI/API Connectivity

For Carriers

Are you looking to become a FreightPlus carrier?

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hear it from our partners

“What we like best in working with Freight Plus is the personal interaction with the crew, it makes things that much easier to get things done quickly and to head issues off at the pass…

The guys keep trucking, moving quickly and with professionalism, which these days is hard to find​.”