Position: Full time

Location: Quincy

FreightPlus serves as the Transportation arm of our customers’ business. Understanding their business is paramount to the success of the relationship. Through constant knowledge transfer, critical thinking, questions, analysis, and relationship building, the Account Manager is the intermediary between the customer and the rest of the FreightPlus team. The Account Manager is responsible for serving mid-level new and existing fully managed customers.

Core Responsibilities

– Successful planning and support of customer accounts including timely communication, customer and tracking SOP adherence, route guide execution. The AM is responsible for regular communication with internal team to provide actionable feedback, opportunities, and continuous education to customers when necessary.

– Thorough understanding of customer’s operation including key internal points of contact, 3PL/manufacturing/co-packing facility operations, directional flow of freight, customer chaos agents, opportunity areas.

– Internal and external Scope of Process (SOP) generation and management. This document serves as the blueprint for how each unique customer is supported, who the primary points of contact are, and an overview of the customer’s organization and operations.

– Planning, development, and execution of Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) with the customers. See appendix for additional QBR guidelines.

– Onboarding administrator for new customer implementations. The AM will serve as the primary point of contact and project manager throughout the course of the implementation. They are responsible for managing deliverables and agendas to ensure timely and successful project execution.

– Serve as an industry and market resource to customers. This requires an up-to-date pulse on trends and major transportation and fuel headlines for each week. 

Attributes of a successful Account Manager

  • Data driven
  • Critical, scalable thinking
  • Clear, thoughtful, and concise communication
  • Attention to detail
  • Customer centricity

FreightPlus Client Management Tenets

Data centricity: The FreightPlus business model pairs accessibility to data and deeply rooted customer support to enable customers to make data driven decisions. Empowering the customer with narratives fueled by data will create the necessary drivers for impactful change and improved efficiency. 

Delivering the FreightPlus Value Proposition: Through data driven narratives, sourcing and technological best practices, the Client Management team is responsible for providing customer with a fully tailored, managed transportation solution.

Engage strategically: Define -Understand exactly what the customer is asking. Clarify- Working with the customer to develop the ask. Urgency- Determine who asked for it and why. Delivery – Under promise and over deliver. Understanding

what the customer is looking for and why will allow the Client Management team to create outputs that are meaningful and scalable. 

Communicate with intention: Preparation is a pre-requisite before any successful client interaction. We think before we speak and we leverage every client interaction to speak to specific problems, backed by data and KPIs, to grow both their business and FreightPlus’. 

Think for scale: The Client Management team identifies areas of automation, as well as builds and leverages consistent templates and reports to create scalable outputs for customers of all sizes as the business continues to grow. 


About FreightPlus

FreightPlus is an industry provider of data-driven transportation management offering businesses customized and fully tailored managed transportation solutions in a boutique environment where clients get the individual attention they deserve. FreightPlus combines first-class customer service with innovative technology and industry practices to help mid-size and growing companies work efficiently in the $800B domestic transportation market.