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Composition of an LTL Freight Rate Webinar

The LTL market is expected to increase in 2024. How do you know your LTL rates are competitive?

FreightPlus President, Jill Clifford and Senior Vice President of LTL, Curtis Garrett discuss the factors that contribute to the composition of an LTL freight rate.

What You’ll Learn

  • Understanding LTL rate composition
  • Negotiation strategies for competitive rates
  • Technology’s role in optimizing LTL rates and cost management
  • Real-world case studies
  • Best practices in partnerships between shippers, carriers, and managed transportation providers.

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About Your Hosts

Jill Clifford

President | FreightPlus

Jill has improved transportation efficiencies for over 200 companies while negotiating billions of dollars in client freight spend. Her diverse book of business includes Fortune 500 shippers to startups moving everything from high-end medical devices to hummus. As a consultant, Jill advises clients on international and domestic freight transportation, multi-modal carrier negotiation, and executive level logistics strategies. Due to the nature of her business, she is a front facing presence who can handle herself in any company including regional and national owner-operators to C-suite executives at some of the largest brands in the world. Jill’s unbounded will, adaptability, and tenacity have propelled her forward in a male dominated industry. She is also a proud mother to three children, loves spending time with her family and a huge fan of the beach.

Curtis Garrett

Senior Vice President of LTL | FreightPlus

Garrett brings fifteen years of LTL experience prior to joining FreightPlus, including eight with ODFL in operations, driving, pricing, yield, and W&I. Since departing from ODFL, he has spent six years on the 3PL, software and consulting side of the industry, recently serving as Vice President of Pricing and then Chief Strategy Officer at Reconex. Garrett is fascinated with technology and is truly a student of the industry. Having overseen hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue on the business profitability side, as well as pricing and carrier relationships and procurement, Garrett is more determined than ever to break down silos and get everyone on the same playing field.