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Author: Michael Heuett

A Guide to Savings in Managed Transportation

Managed transportation encompasses a suite of services aimed at streamlining freight management processes. By outsourcing transportation functions to third-party providers, businesses can leverage expertise and resources to enhance efficiency and reduce costs. Understanding the core components and benefits of managed transportation is fundamental to unlocking its potential for savings. As businesses navigate supply chain management, […]

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Measuring LTL carrier performance is one of the grayest areas in transportation. Join Jill Clifford and Curtis Garrett as they deep dive measuring LTL carrier performance and discuss how shippers can make their freight attractive to carriers.  

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Maintaining Control in Managed Transportation: Balancing Oversight and Efficiency

In the realm of managed transportation, businesses grapple with the challenge of balancing oversight and efficiency. This blog unveils advanced strategies and collaborative approaches that empower businesses to navigate the complexities of managed transportation, ensuring optimal control and efficiency. Understanding Managed Transportation Managed transportation involves outsourcing the planning, execution, and optimization of transportation activities. From […]

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Moving Beyond Price-Centric Models for Effective Carrier Partnerships

The approach to selecting carrier partners has undergone a significant transformation. Gone are the days when the primary focus was solely on securing the lowest price for freight services. Today, successful transportation programs demand a more nuanced and strategic approach—one that prioritizes service quality, reliability, and carrier capabilities beyond mere pricing. The Changing Dynamics of […]

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Comparing LTL Pricing: Tools and Techniques for Shippers  

One common question we hear at FreightPlus is, “What kind of tools are available to shippers to compare LTL base rates and discounts?” It is a simple question that doesn’t come with a straightforward answer. Like many things LTL, comparing rates is not as simple as comparing apples to apples, and therefore there isn’t a […]

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Collaborative Performance Metrics Between Shippers and LTL Carriers

The relationship between shippers and Less Than Truckload (LTL) carriers has historically been a complex one. Traditionally, the approach was straightforward – shippers aimed to cut costs by negotiating aggressively, often resorting to a ‘beat them over the head’ strategy. However, this outdated mindset is undergoing a paradigm shift. The Outdated Approach: “Beating Carriers Over […]

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Understanding the Truckload Market: Q4 Market Update

Contact us for more information on the domestic transportation market or if you’d like to learn more about FreightPlus.

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Composition of an LTL Freight Rate Webinar

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What is the Perfect Load?

The concept of a “perfect load” in transportation revolves around the optimal utilization of available space, weight capacity, and resources within a transport vehicle, such as trucks, planes, or ships. It’s about efficiently arranging and managing freight to achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness during transportation. Here are key aspects of the concept: Creating a perfect […]

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